Our Mission

Advancing innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.

PTF is a pioneering and innovative organization. We mobilize expertise and resources providing technical assistance to civil society organizations (CSOs) that engage citizens in actions to improve governance, increase transparency and reduce corruption in developing countries. Our goal is to pilot and scale-up innovative, citizen-led approaches and tools that reduce corruption and improve governance. Throughout the project cycle we seek to draw lessons from these experiences and share the resulting knowledge widely to advance a culture of transparency around the world.

PTF-support projects are action-oriented and directly address well identified governance and corruption problems through interaction between citizens and their governments. Over 15 years of operation, this approach has helped our partner CSOs create new models for constructive citizen engagement. Most of our completed projects have been independently evaluated. Overwhelmingly they have been deemed successful and replicable.

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Theory of Change


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How We Work


Provide Technical Support

We believe pairing experience with innovation leads to better, more sustainable solutions, which is why we connect highly-experienced Advisers with local leaders to jointly develop plans, support implementation and evaluate impact as well as providing general coaching and mentoring. Our advisers have specialized skills in such areas as governance, procurement, law, health, education and infrastructure.


Link Like-Minds

We believe collective action can overcome entrenched problems, which is why we link organizations with similar goals and complementary skills to provide mutual support.


Share Experience

We share the knowledge gained from the more than 220 projects we’ve supported to enhance governance, counter corruption and innovate to improve service delivery. We do this by holding events, publishing print material, and participating in coalitions.