• PTF Announces Establishment of New Affiliate in South Africa

    The Partnership for Transparency (PTF) is pleased to announce the establishment of a new affiliate in South Africa – Partnership for Transparency Fund Africa (PTF-Africa). “To maximize our impact and ensure local ownership, we’ve recognized the need to establish a physical presence in the regions in which we work,” said

  • Kleptocracy and Money Laundering: A Conversation with Kendall Day

    On July 18th, Partnership for Transparency’s Anti-Corruption Forum and Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative hosted a discussion on the U.S. Government’s response to kleptocracy and money laundering around the globe, featuring Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Kendall Day.

  • World Bank Anti-Corruption Programs; Discussion of Lessons Learned and Future Strategy

    On July 5, the 1818 Society hosted a discussion on the World Bank’s anti-corruption policies, lessons learned since the 1996 “Cancer of Corruption” speech, and programmatic plans going forward. The event featured Joel Turkewitz, Lead Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank, and was chaired by Richard Stern, President of

  • Anti-Corruption Forum features Laurence Cockcroft on Corruption in the West

    On May 10, the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) and the Partnership for Transparency’s Anti-Corruption Forum co-hosted an event at George Mason University, featuring Laurence Cockcroft discussing his most recent book Unmasked: Corruption in the West. Cockcroft reflected on the process of writing the book and shared some of

  • Promoting Inclusive and Accountable Public Services in Asia and the Pacific

    At the Asian Development Bank's 50th Annual Meetings, Partnership for Transparency and World Vision hosted Promoting Inclusive Accountable Public Services in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Chile’s National e-Procurement Platform Hosts PTF Advisors

    Above left to right: Oscar Cabello, Trinidad Inostroza, Donal O’Leary Donal O'Leary, PTF's Procurement Working Group leader, and Oscar Cabello, a local PTF Advisor in Chile, visited ChileCompra headquarters on March 24th, in Santiago.  They had a fruitful meeting with Trinidad Inostroza, Elena Mora and Viviana Mora, respectively ChileCompra's Directress, Civil Society Coordinator and Observatory Chief.  ChileCompra is the national

  • Program to Strengthen Ukrainian Civil Society’s Role in Monitoring Public Procurement Launches on 24 January in Kyiv

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) and the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) announced the launch of a two-year program to strengthen the capacity  of Ukrainian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to monitor public procurement of goods and services, particularly using the ProZorro

  • “What’s Next for the Anti-Corruption Agenda?” Celebrating PTF’s First 15 Years

    On February 17, 2016, the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) celebrated 15 years of supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing countries that work to promote citizen demand for transparency, accountability and good governance. “It seems almost impossible that it was 15 years ago that Frank Vogl, Peter Eigen, Barry

  • Citizen Engagement in Health Service Delivery: Exploring Approaches and Outcomes

    The Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) hosted a seminar November 3, 2016 to explore the experience of citizen engagement in health service delivery. Representatives from USAID and the World Bank participated as discussants. The inclusion of citizen engagement in development programs, including those supporting the health sector, is based on the

  • World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum – Civil Society and Development: Six Global Trends and Lessons from Nigeria

    On October 7, 2016 the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) co-sponsored a panel at the World Bank’s Civil Society Policy Forum entitled “Civil Society and Development: Six Global Trends and Lessons from Nigeria.” PTF, along with the Africa Middle East Progressive Initiative (AMEPI), presented PTF’s newly released report on Global