In 2017, Partnership for Transparency announced the opening of PTF-Africa, a legally independent affiliate, in South Africa. Through establishing a regional presence, PTF-Africa will better support PTF’s mission in the continent supporting active and inclusive citizenship.

After completion of a successful pilot program, the Citizen Action Platform (CAP) program in Uganda has moved into a transition phase. It has had a major impact on reducing corruption at the clinical level and demonstrated workable modalities well suited for reducing corruption at a national scale. We are expanding the program to new regions in 2017 with the goal of national penetration by the end of 2019.

In the past, projects in Africa have varied from preventing misappropriation of malaria medicines to increasing transparency in the local education system. In Cameroon, ASYOUSED applied a successful communication plan by distributing a “Development Corner” newsletter that clearly informed the community of the project’s goals. In Kenya, the ACT! developed regular in-country project monitoring of their efforts to reduce educational sector corruption.

Read more about the projects we’ve supported throughout Africa in the pages below.

  • Monitoring of Public Procurement at the Local Level

    Corruption in public procurement is the major social problem causing massive loss and wastage of public resources thus underdevelopment. Lack of effective citizens’ participation and intervention to make timely check on this problem is majorly caused by lack of transparency, the ignorance of linkages between public office functions and citizens

  • Preventing Leakage of Anti Malaria Medicines in Uganda’s Health Sector: A Case of Selected Health Centres in Lira District

    This project was implemented by Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) in partnership with Uganda Law Society (ULS) with the support of Northern Uganda Anti Corruption Coalition (NUACC). The purpose was to reduce leakage of free malaria medicines by monitoring of the supply chain from the National Medical Stores (NMS) to

  • Combatting Corruption at the University of Siantou Complex in Cameroon

    In April 2010, the IGI-Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon (IGI-FITCAM) received financial support from PTF to replicate the experience of the 2009 Buea State University project at the University of Siantou Complex. The effort was a means to capture and spread the momentum for transparency and accountability to other mainstream

  • University of Buea Phase II

    Citizen’s mobilization efforts against corruption contained in the context of the IGI-FITCAM/PTF university transparency initiative in Cameroon (UB 2009-2011), constitute a valid approach in translating citizens’ knowledge about corruption into citizen’s action against corruption.

  • Curbing Corruption at Buea University in Cameroon

    The International Governance Institute, Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon (IGI-FITCAM) on May 1st 2009, received financial support from Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) to conduct a project geared at strengthening the University of Buea’s internal mechanisms for curbing financial mismanagement and corruption and to thereby enhance UB’s institutional performance and

  • Holding Local Government Accountable in Mombasa

    This PTF supported program was formulated to address the continued exclusion of Kenyan citizens from decision making on public issues that affect their lives. It was noted that the exclusion provided a ripe environment for corruption, diversion of public power and resources to the hands of a few, undermining of

  • Local Government Budget Accountability in Kenya

    Evidence from Vihiga Municipal Council in western Kenya indicates gross abuse of local authority resources e.g. up to the tune of over Ksh. 30 million between 2008/09 and 2009/10 financial years. It is this abuse that led CLARION to intervene, with the aim of contributing to improved accountability and management

  • Improving School Resource Management in Cameroon

    To increase education outcomes and improve on service delivery, Action Group for Democracy and Good Governance collaborated with the school principal of Government Bilingual High School Limbe to monitor service delivery and introduce in-house measures designed to counter corruption and improve on the resource management of PTA and SMB funded

  • Reducing Corruption in Local Revenue Collection in Upper West Region, Ghana

    Internally Generated Funds are resources mobilized locally to meet local development objectives and improve the quality of life for citizens in Ghana. People’s Action to Win Life All-around (PAWLA), a local NGO, started an ambitious and smartly designed project, aiming to eliminate opportunities for corruption within the collection and management

  • Participants of the workshop on participation of the population in the council project identification process with the Tiko Council.

    Improving Governance Through Participatory Budgeting and Community Monitoring in Cameroon

    ASYOUSED designed this project's activities to empower city council members and their constituents to make subsequent use of participatory decision-making tools in order to define, track and evaluate projects and the corresponding budgets.