• Anti-Corruption Forum

    The Anti-Corruption Forum seeks to enhance public awareness of the challenges of corruption by convening events with expert speakers and panelists, and with audiences drawn from civil society, government, business, and academia. The Forum’s focus is on strengthening awareness and understanding of today’s most pressing U.S. and international corruption issues. The

  • Health Transparency Initiative in India

    The Health Transparency Initiative supports projects to raise citizen voice and monitor health sector performance. The pilot project, in Kerala India, is introducing participatory and transparent procurement and distribution of drugs and medical equipment and conducting social audits of basic health service delivery. In developing countries, corruption in the health sector represents one

  • E-Procurement Monitoring in Ukraine

    Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society is a program to train CSOs in Ukraine on how to monitor public procurement under the country's new e-procurement system – “ProZorro." The training will provide tools and present best practices for procurement monitoring internationally. Public procurement is

  • Promoting Equitable, Accountable, Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE)

    PEACE Project Launch - November 2016 Promoting Equitable, Accountable, Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE) enhances resources and strengthens the capacities of local CSOs for an empowered civil society in Myanmar that embraces diversity, promotes social inclusiveness, accountability, transparency, and civic responsibility.Through this EU-funded program, Helvetas - Myanmar, the Partnership for

  • Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME)

    Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME) address the development challenge of providing disadvantaged ethnic minorities of Mongolia access to better education services. The Project intends to achieve this overarching objective by increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability in education procurement, organizing a Parent Teacher Association in each project soum, and

  • The Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative

    The Rule of Law Initiative named after PTF founder Barry Metzger is designed to honor his memory by promoting systems of justice that respect individual rights, equality, dignity, and respect for all before the law. Through the Initiative, PTF is promoting the rule of law in developing countries by strengthening

  • Citizen Action for Results, Transparency and Accountability (CARTA)

    The Citizen Action for Results, Transparency and Accountability (CARTA) program is a unique monitoring model that aims to provide donors and development agencies with more specific and real-time information on the impact of their projects. By building the capacity of local CSOs to conduct donor project monitoring, CARTA aims to

  • Citizen Action Platform (CAP)

    CAP is a pioneering new approach to enable CSOs to more efficiently and effectively improve local governance. It applies information and technology tools (ICT) to traditional models of citizen reporting of government service deficiencies, makes the information available to government agencies, tracks responses and provides feedback to citizens on results.