World Bank Governance Global Practice Strategic Direction

On May 17 at 11 am, the 1818 Society’s Governance Thematic Group will be hosting  a briefing by and conversation with, Ms. Deborah Wetzel, Senior Director of the Governance Global Practice (GGP). She will present GGP’s strategic directions, organization, and programs. This will be followed by an open conversation including brief comments from two discussants. Mr. Hasan Tuluy, current PTF Board Member and former VP, World Bank will chair the session. See details below.


Ms. Deborah Wetzel, Senior Director,  Governance Global Practice 


Mr.Hasan Tuluy, Former Vice President, WBG


  • Mr. Inder Sud, President, 1818 Society
  • Mr. Vinay Bhargava, Convener, Governance Thematic Group

Date/Time: May 17, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM 

Venue: Room MC4-140

Anyone needing a building pass, please email by May 15, 2018 at 12PM.

Background papers: 
  1. Write up on IDA 18 Special Theme: Governance and Institutions (6 page extract from the full IDA 18 paper accessed at 
  2. 2 pages covering Governance and Institutions Results Matrix from IDA18 paper
  3. Overview- WDR17 on Governance and the Law accessible at
  4. Governance Targets in SDG 16 accessible at