Workshop on Rethinking Corruption in the 21st Century at the British Academy

The British Academy, in partnership with DFID will host a workshop on Monday, July 17th on “Rethinking Corruption in the 21st Century.” The workshop is linked to the British Academy/DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence Partnership, and is supported by the BA, DFID, U4, Global Integrity, ASI and the University of Nottingham. It seeks to contribute to the growing call for a reassessment of how corruption has been understood and approached, prompted by disappointing outcomes from many anti-corruption interventions over recent decades. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate innovative and challenging thinking about how we can move forward the anti-corruption agenda, aligned with what U4 refers to as the need for a Paradigm II (involving co-creation and cooperation between different agencies and stakeholders). To that end, the workshop will consist of participants drawn from the policy world, anti-corruption agencies, and academy. Vinay Bhargava will represent the Partnership for Transparency at this workshop.