Civil Society Roles in Engaging Citizens for Better Results in the World Bank Funded Projects

The World Bank  citizen engagement strategy defined citizens to include all forms of citizens, including individuals, CSOs and others, and affirmed the corporate commitment  to 100% beneficiary feedback (by June 2018 as monitored by the Presidents Delivery Unit (PDU)) and to (a) systematically including citizen engagement (CE) and associated results indicators in all new IPF operations, and (b) improving results reporting on CE indicators in existing operations. Management is planning to update the strategy. In this context, this session will provide a platform to review whether the World Bank has taken appropriate advantage of opportunities to engage CSOs and suggest a way forward.

To this effect, Partnership for Transparency (PTF), will sponsor a session at the Fall 2017 World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum on Civil Society Roles in Engaging Citizens for Better Results in the World Bank Funded Projects, providing an overview of intended roles of CSOs in the WBG Citizen Engagement (CE) strategy, reported progress, and a comparison with other Multi-lateral Development Banks. Following this presentation local civil society actors will share their experiences. The session will close with a discussion and suggestions on way forward for more effective CSO engagement in supporting CE in WBG funded projects.


  • Vinay Bhargava, Chief Technical Adviser, Partnership for Transparency
  • Elena Bardasi, Senior Economist and Task-Team Leader for the World Bank’s ongoing evaluation of WBG Citizen Engagement, Independent Evaluation Group
  • Virginia Ifeadiro, Founder, Initiative for Food Environment and Health Society
  • Pansy Tun Thein, Executive Director, Local Resource Centre
  • Nicolas Perrin, Senior Social Development Specialist in the Africa region and coordinator of the Citizen Engagement Secretariat, World Bank
  • Amy Ekdawi, MENA Regional Programs Director, Bank Information Center

Barbara Kafka, Senior Adviser, Partnership for Transparency

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