Latin America and the Caribbean




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Over the past four years, PTF’s anti-corruption activities in Latin America have been based largely around work with the Regional Fund to Promote Transparency (FONTRA).

The FONTRA program concluded at the end of 2010 following a productive workshop in Buenos Aires attended by all grant recipients. After the completion of FONTRA, PTF made three grants in 2011 to projects related to municipal transparency in Ecuador, judicial election monitoring in Bolivia, and educational system transparency in Honduras.


Large: Current & Active Projects; Small: Past & Completed Projects
Red: Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Water, Power); Yellow: Legal; Green: Media/Information (Press, Social Media, Public Meetings); Blue: Governance (Elections, Budgeting, etc.); Light Blue: Social Services (Education, Health, Social Safety Net); Purple: Natural Resources (Forestry, Agriculture, Oil, etc.); Orange: Procurement; White: Right to Information