East Asia




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Most recently, PTF has supported projects In East Asia in Mongolia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

In partnership with Women for Social Progress (WSP) and Transparency International Mongolia (TIM), PTF has focused on completing the final stages of projects that strengthen Mongolia’s anti-corruption legal and enforcement systems. The efforts of both organizations have seen substantial results. WSP’s Resolution of Conflict of Interest in Mongolia project resulted in the enactment of the country’s Conflict of Interest law in January 2012. TIM’s Strengthening of Capacity of Law Enforcement Agencies project initiated the training of anti-corruption prosecutors and investigators on new techniques and global good practices in investigating and prosecuting corruption cases. In the Philippines, partner CSOs have successfully completed projects that have exposed and reduced corruption in local governments, the judicial system, and public schools. PTF projects in East Asia have contributed to significant improvements in enhancing anti-corruption agencies and enacting anti-corruption measures within local governments.



Large: Current & Active Projects; Small: Past & Completed Projects
Red: Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Water, Power); Yellow: Legal; Green: Media/Information (Press, Social Media, Public Meetings); Blue: Governance (Elections, Budgeting, etc.); Light Blue: Social Services (Education, Health, Social Safety Net); Purple: Natural Resources (Forestry, Agriculture, Oil, etc.); Orange: Procurement; White: Right to Information