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Most recently, PTF has supported CSOs in implementing a range of successful projects in sub-Saharan Africa, concentrating on Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and Ghana (see map below).

Projects in Africa have varied from preventing misappropriation of malaria medicines to increasing transparency in the local education system. In Cameroon, the CSO Asyoused applied a successful communication plan by distributing a “Development Corner” newsletter that clearly informed the community of the project’s goals. In Kenya, the CSO Act! developed regular in-country project monitoring of their efforts to reduce educational sector corruption. In addition, PTF has started to pilot the “Citizen Action Platform” (CAP), with a focus on Uganda and Kenya. This innovative anti-corruption program uses information and communications technology (ICT) to enable citizens to gather data on governance and service-delivery issues at local communal levels and strengthen the ability of CSOs to respond effectively. PTF will regularly update information on CAP’s development on our website.

Large: Current & Active Projects; Small: Past & Completed Projects
Red: Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Water, Power); Yellow: Legal; Green: Media/Information (Press, Social Media, Public Meetings); Blue: Governance (Elections, Budgeting, etc.); Light Blue: Social Services (Education, Health, Social Safety Net); Purple: Natural Resources (Forestry, Agriculture, Oil, etc.); Orange: Procurement; White: Right to Information